The Conventional Emoji Commits specification is an adaptation of the Conventional Commits specification, adding a splash of color to your commits through emojis. It provides an easy set of rules for creating an explicit commit history, making it easier to write automated tools on top of. This convention dovetails with SemVer, by describing the features, fixes, and breaking changes made in commit messages.

The commit message should be structured as follows:

<emoji><type>[optional scope]: <description>
[optional body]
[optional footer(s)]

The commit contains the following structural elements:

  • 🩹 fix: A commit of the type fix patches a bug in your codebase (this correlates with PATCH in Semantic Versioning).
  • ✨ feat: A commit of the type feat introduces a new feature to the codebase (this correlates with MINOR in Semantic Versioning).
  • 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: a commit that has a footer BREAKING CHANGE:, or appends a after the type/scope, introduces a breaking API change (correlating with MAJOR in Semantic Versioning). A BREAKING CHANGE can be part of commits of any type.
  • Types other than 🩹fix: and ✨feat: are allowed. Examples include 🛠️build:, 🧹 chore:, 🤖 ci:, 📚 docs:, 🎨 style:, ♻️ refactor:, ⚡️ perf:, 🧪 test:. For a comprehensive list of recommended types, please refer to this list.
  • Footers other than 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: may be provided and follow a convention similar to git trailer format.

Additional types are not mandated by the Conventional Emoji Commits specification, and have no implicit effect in Semantic Versioning (unless they include a BREAKING CHANGE).

A scope may be provided to a commit’s type, to provide additional contextual information and is contained within parenthesis, e.g., ✨ feat(parser): add ability to parse arrays.


✨ feat: allow provided config object to extend other configs
🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: extends key in config file is now used for extending other config files

Commit message with to draw attention to breaking change:

✨ feat❗: send an email to the customer when a product is shipped

Commit message with scope and to draw attention to breaking change:

✨ feat(api)❗: send an email to the customer when a product is shipped
🧹 chore❗: drop support for Node 6
🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: use JavaScript features not available in Node 6.

Commit message with no body:

📚 docs: correct spelling of CHANGELOG

Commit message with scope:

✨ feat(lang): add Polish language

Commit message with multi-paragraph body and multiple footers:

🩹fix: prevent racing of requests

Introduce a request id and a reference to latest request. Dismiss
incoming responses other than from latest request.

Remove timeouts which were used to mitigate the racing issue but are
obsolete now.

Reviewed-by: Z
Refs: #123