The key words „MUST“, „MUST NOT“, „REQUIRED“, „SHALL“, „SHALL NOT“, „SHOULD“, „SHOULD NOT“, „RECOMMENDED“, „MAY“, and „OPTIONAL“ in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

  • Commits MUST be prefixed with an emoji and a type, which consists of a noun, ✨ feat, 🩹 fix, etc., followed by the OPTIONAL scope, OPTIONAL , and REQUIRED terminal colon and space.
  • The type ✨ feat MUST be used when a commit adds a new feature to your application or library.
  • The type 🩹 fix MUST be used when a commit represents a bug fix for your application.
  • A scope MAY be provided after a type. A scope MUST consist of a noun describing a section of the codebase surrounded by parenthesis, e.g., 🩹fix(parser):.
  • A description MUST immediately follow the colon and space after the type/scope prefix. The description is a short summary of the code changes, e.g., 🩹 fix: array parsing issue when multiple spaces were contained in string.
  • A longer commit body MAY be provided after the short description, providing additional contextual information about the code changes. The body MUST begin one blank line after the description.
  • A commit body is free-form and MAY consist of any number of newline separated paragraphs.
  • One or more footers MAY be provided one blank line after the body. Each footer MUST consist of a word token, followed by either a :<space> or <space># separator, followed by a string value (this is inspired by the git trailer convention).
  • A footer’s token MUST use - in place of whitespace characters, e.g., Acked-by (this helps differentiate the footer section from a multi-paragraph body). An exception is made for 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE, which MAY also be used as a token.
  • A footer’s value MAY contain spaces and newlines, and parsing MUST terminate when the next valid footer token/separator pair is observed.
  • Breaking changes MUST be indicated in the type/scope prefix of a commit, or as an entry in the footer.
  • If included as a footer, a breaking change MUST consist of the uppercase text 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE, followed by a colon, space, and description, e.g., 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: environment variables now take precedence over config files.
  • If included in the type/scope prefix, breaking changes MUST be indicated by a immediately before the :. If is used, 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE: MAY be omitted from the footer section, and the commit description SHALL be used to describe the breaking change.
  • Types other than ✨feat and 🩹fix MAY be used in your commit messages, e.g., 📚docs: update ref docs.
  • The units of information that make up Conventional Emoji Commits MUST NOT be treated as case sensitive by implementors, with the exception of 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE which MUST be uppercase.
  • 🚨 BREAKING-CHANGE MUST be synonymous with 🚨 BREAKING CHANGE, when used as a token in a footer.